About Us

Bringing the analog film lab into the 21st century

GetMyLab.Online fills a unique niche in the photofinishing community, providing cloud-based tools to organize your workflow and interact with your clients. 

A new generation of photographers is finding their artistic voice with analog film.

While sticking with tried and tested tools, analog consumers are changing with the times. They expect instant gratification. Down-to-the-minute updates. Digital delivery.

As a photo lab professional, it’s up to you to change with them.

Who We Are

GetMyLab.Online is a project by Caleb Savage, an experienced web developer, photographer, and lab technician. For more than seven years, he served as Technical Director for the Bushwick Community Darkroom– overseeing growth from a tiny storefront to a bustling warehouse serving thousands of customers each year.

In 2020, he co-founded Exposure Therapy Film Lab & Cinema to fill a need for customer-focused, professional quality lab services coupled with unusual and thought-provoking archival film screening events– in addition to a full range of wholesale, resellable lab services that allow any merchant to subcontract film processing order fulfillment.

For nearly a decade, Caleb has been exploring, photographing, and researching the coal mining communities of northeastern Pennsylvania from the prospective of an industrial archaeologist. The project explores the history of labor and machines, violence and corruption, the boom bust cycle, and the resilience of a truly unique regional culture.

“One Less Thing To Worry About”

As fellow lab professionals, we understand the unique challenges and needs of running a modern-day lab. We understand the complexities of your workflow and can anticipate the needs of your customers. We know the equipment and tools because they’re the same ones we’ve relied on for years. We know the pain of trying to keep aging systems alive long past their intended lifespan. We’ve done our time scrubbing film and paper processor racks and tanks and trying to find replacement rollers for a scanner discontinued over a decade ago.

Let us make your order management and POS system one less thing to worry about.

Drop us a line for a free, no-obligation demo.