Demo Site


This allows you to test-drive the basic features of the platform

Admin User:


password: photography2020!

Getting Started

  • Begin by logging in. Familiarize yourself with the employee dashboard, which will show you all currently active orders.
  • To add a test order, select POS (point of sale) from the menu on the left of the page.
  • In the POS, begin by searching for an existing customer. If it’s a new customer, type their information into the fields for name, email, and phone number. Make sure to click the add new customer button to save their information. Tip:  add yourself as a new customer and ring up an order so you can see what your clients will see
  • Select some products from the list on the left side of the page.
  • Products have modifiers which represent additional options for a roll or product. Modifiers can have positive or negative numbers, or 0 for the price.
  • The POS is designed to be used on an iPad with the Square POS app installed in order to process in-person payments. If your customer will pay later, you can use the POS on a desktop computer to create the order and send them an invoice.
  • When you submit the order, the client will receive an emailed invoice.
  • You can now see the order in your dashboard (unless it contains only retail products, like film or a tee-shirt which does not require any processing or scanning– in which case it will be hidden and you can search the customer’s name to locate it).
  • Click on an order to select it. (you can use arrow keys to navigate)
  • Click on a roll inside the order to select it. You can drag and drop files to the roll panel at the right of the screen (or click on it to select files)
  • Orders can’t be viewed by clients until they are paid and released (notified). If there is an outstanding balance on the order, the client will have to pay online before they can open the order and view files.
  • To complete an order, ensure all the desired files are present inside the correct rolls and hit the notify button. This will generate a “your photos are ready” email to the client. Reveiw the email and check the quality control verification checkbox. You can now send the email.
  • It’s typical for the sending process to take up to 10-15 minutes if there are a lot of files. You can safely close the email dialog when you see the “loading” animation.
  • View the email that was generated (if you rang up an order for yourself) in your inbox. Alternatively, is a great way to test automated emails (enter, then go to mailinator and check the any_name inbox)
  • Click the link to view the customer’s account.
  • Explore the account options for viewing orders, downloading entire orders or individual rolls, viewing and paying invoices, and requesting support.
  • Contact us with any questions or problems!